Everything we do is a step towards being the world's leader in image recognition. 

We focus on protecting brands through computer vision and machine learning technology while valuing our colleagues and partners.

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When TrademarkVision was brought to life the only way to find similar image trademarks was through subjective text-based searching that was time consuming and error-prone. In 2013 we released the world’s first visual search for trademarks, a step only possible through the passion of our law firm and corporate partners.

By 2015 government intellectual property offices around the world started using our technology and the industry was changed forever. We’re passionate about what we’ve created, but it’s only the start. We believe in continual research and everything we do is a step towards being the leader in image recognition. We focus on protecting the world’s brands through the use of cutting-edge machine learning and image recognition technology.

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Our Team

Sandra Mau
Cameron Mitchell
Ling Chen
Research Developer
Ryan Patterson
Director of Business Development
Sreeja Krishnan
Tim Helmstedt
Senior Developer
Ashleigh Ayers
Marketing Operations
Sabesan Sivapalan
Andy Epifani
UX Developer
Nicholas Dahm
Developer & Researcher
Damien Rowley
James DeVries
Michael Gibson
Tyler Kaelin
Business Development
Alex Klimerman
Joshua Song
Connor Moore
Business Development
Ashton Ghion
Marketing Coordinator
Mina Shnoudah
Frontend Developer
Tammy Beachem
Product Manager
Michael Schroeder
Devin Rewis
Data Engineer
Anita Birje
Java Developer
Kelly Gardner
Project Manager
Christopher Rios-Villalobos
Account Manager
Liam McFadden
Kartheek Gottipati
Leo Na
Andres Sanin
Frontend Developer
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Offering new ideas and taking calculated risks will inspire those around you. We constantly strive for a better solution.

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We encourage and support those who help others, share their thoughts and enjoy working as a team.

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We’re passionate about what we have created and about fulfilling our vision to be the world’s leader in image recognition.

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We listen to our team, clients and users. At the heart of every responsive team, you’ll find trust.



If you're passionate, innovative, responsive and collaborative we want to hear from you!

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