EUIPO Case study

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) are constantly looking at ways to improve the industry. With the help of TrademarkVision, they now offer visual search to the world for trademarks submitted across the EU in both eSearch and TMview.


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Dec 2015


eSearch Integration

EUIPO become the world's first government office to bring visual search to their public in Dec 2015, when our technology was integrated into eSearch. More than a 150,000 image searches were conducted in the 'beta' phase by the public to validate the technology with fantastic results. After a successful 'beta', EUIPO completed the integration in Dec 2016 to help the hundreds of thousands of companies that search EU trademarks conduct visual searches.

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May 2017

TMview Integration

Following the success of eSearch, EUIPO were excited to integrate TrademarkVision into TMview. The French and United Kingdom IP offices led the way, and soon after we welcomed many other European Union countries, including; Spain, Greece, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and Croatia.


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Nov 2017

eSearch Designs Integration

In November 2017 TrademarkVision’s latest technology was integrated into eSearch designs. Allowing multiple images to be uploaded in any format (e.g. photos, line drawings etc.) and using the latest in computer vision and artificial intelligence, the system brought visual similarity to industrial designs for the first time in a government search engine around the world. 




We’re excited government agencies are embracing change and innovation to help the industry of Intellectual Property. If you would like to learn more about TrademarkVision’s services, please reach out.

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