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BrandVision Cloud API

To humans, pictures can say a thousand words without ever saying one. TrademarkVision looks into the semantic meaning in a logo to help computers think more like we do.

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Scan complex images to find an area of infringement. From merchandise printing to specific monitoring.

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TrademarkVision extensions

Our chrome and adobe extensions for our trademark search product, TrademarkVision, coming soon. 

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Research & Innovation

We're proud to partner with the Queensland University of Technology as part of the Advance Queensland initiative. Collaborating on ground-breaking research in AI / machine learning not only allows invaluable knowledge sharing with one of Australia's leading universities, it promotes the continuous advancement our technology.

We are passionate about finding a better way and every day we continue our research and development in our technology. We tailor the latest in computer vision and machine learning techniques to protect brands and develop exciting new projects for large scale brand detection.

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