Have you got the secret sauce?

Ever entered a workplace only to smell the stench of bad company culture in the air?

09 Nov, 2018
How AI is changing education

AI is already automating tasks, such as grading and providing feedback to students, which will only improve as data quality and computing power increases.

06 Nov, 2018
blog image week6
You can trademark a logo, a color, a sound and even scent, but what about emotion?

It’s not an unreasonable question; I’m sure the same doubt would have been raised when color, sound and scent trademarks were first suggested

23 Oct, 2018
blog image week2
Future of Legal Tech: How should law firms prepare

As an AI company, we know how valuable that access would be and it is exciting to think how that data can be used

16 Oct, 2018
blog image week3
Legal Tech: People want solutions, not buzzwords

If we look at legal tech that is touted to replace jobs, such as predicting potential case outcomes, then we have to assume...

09 Oct, 2018
max van den oetelaar 646474 unsplash2
TrademarkVision meditation tips: From A to Zen

It’s a fairly well-known fact meditation bears endless health benefits, so there’s good reason why it’s become common practice in workplaces around the world.

28 Aug, 2018
John wright1 01
JohnWright.ai - Brand Protection and Artificial Intelligence

Our very own Sandra Mau joins the JohnWright.ai podcast to discuss the role AI plays in protecting brands

14 Jun, 2018
photo 1444703686981 a3abbc4d4fe3
Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Anyone who studies leadership will have come across Dan Pink and hopefully read his work. One book, Drive, is a well known masterpiece...

19 Oct, 2017
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How old is a good founder?

I remember reading an article in TIME that said successful start-ups are almost twice as likely to be launched by people over 55 as those 20 to 34.

12 Oct, 2017
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"A year of trademark stats" Infographic

Check out our latest infographic that explains just how many trademarks are in force and how TrademarkVision makes searching simple.

24 Jul, 2017
ip fridays
IP Fridays Podcast Interview with TrademarkVision: Featuring TrademarkVision's COO Cameron Mitchell

IP Fridays Podcast recently interviewed TrademarkVision to learn more about their research into image recognition and machine learning

26 Jun, 2017
Screen Shot 2017 04 28 at 4.03.22 PM
Venture for America Intiative

Earlier this year we joined the Venture for America (VFA) initiative, which pairs entrepreneurial personalities with fast-growth and exciting startups like us!

12 Aug, 2016

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