Venture for America Intiative

12 Aug, 2016



Welcome to the team!


Earlier this year we joined the Venture for America (VFA) initiative, which pairs entrepreneurial personalities with fast-growth and exciting startups like us!

Alex, Connor and Tyler started Monday at our Pittsburgh office, spending their first week with our CEO Sandra Mau. They’re keen to learn everything there is to know about TrademarkVision and are already on board with our vision for the future. We’re thrilled they share our excitement for the months ahead.



Alex has a passion for control systems and robotics & plays video games in his spare time (he'll fit in just fine) and he's a two-time winner of an amateur sunfish regatta.



Connor’s passion is international travel, he’s always searching for the next corner of globe to explore.He once completed 1,111 straight jumps on a pogo-stick (to say we're impressed, is an understatement)




Tyler’s a huge sports fan and couldn't be more excited about the upcoming Olympics (aren't we all!). Not many people would know he’s a personal finance nerd.


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