MEDIA RELEASE: AI startup wins over international governments

08 Aug, 2017

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Aug 8, 2017- Emerging Artificial Intelligence leader, TrademarkVision, doubles government partners overnight.

In the past year, TrademarkVision has launched a series of world-first projects with the European Union IP Office (EUIPO) and IP Australia to bring image recognition and machine learning to brand professionals for trademark searching. Now the United Kingdom and French governments have joined the revolution to connect with TrademarkVision through the highly innovative TMView.

Recently announced as one of the top 10 AI/Machine learning companies in the world, TrademarkVision is changing the landscape of visual brand protection. Currently, governments throughout the world use different coding systems to describe logos (trademarks) for the benefit of brand owners to search the database. Those days now appear to be numbered, with a flurry of global implementations of TrademarkVision’s technology. 

TrademarkVision CEO, Sandra Mau, explains that image recognition and machine learning has the power to protect brands like never before. “How the human brain decides similarity is extremely complex. By tailoring our algorithms and training our machine learning models to intellectual property and the data we’ve accumulated over years of research in this space, means we can return results ranked in an order relevant to the industry.”

The EUIPO manage TMview and having recently been named the most innovative IP office in the world, are eager to expand the use of cutting edge technology. 

“Leading the way with the TMview integration is the EUIPO, UK and French Intellectual Property Offices. This integration is a huge step towards the end goal of global coverage.” says Mau.

Since TrademarkVision first launched in 2015, usage of its visual search tool has grown at a fast pace, with not only governments keen to use the technology. Brand owners, attorneys and designers use their platform to validate designs or check for infringement. 

The research goes beyond trademarks, with design searching a challenge TrademarkVision has also recently solved. Following successful tests, governments are already lining up to implement the technology and add to the trademark success.


About TrademarkVision

TrademarkVision protects the world’s brands with image recognition and machine learning. Based out of Australia and the USA, TrademarkVision works closely with government IP offices and many leading law firms and corporates around the world.


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