CIO Applications Top 25 Machine Learning Companies

03 Apr, 2018

TrademarkVision has been named in CIO Applications Top 25 Machine Learning Companies for 2018. As we take each step towards our vision we’re very conscious to continue our research and commitment to innovation. From our CEO, Sandra Mau, to our newest employee, we’ve been very lucky to create an intelligent and passionate team.

After growing rapidly, we expanded into design patents and launched the world’s first visual search tool for designs with the European Union in late 2017. As one of the most visual of all IP rights, industrial designs/ design patents have always been a problem we’ve wanted to solve. The complexity set a challenge, but it was a perfect case for our image recognition and artificial intelligence to bring simplicity to millions around the world.

The success and technology breakthroughs have given us fuel to progress our technology towards our vision as we enter new markets, such as the broader brand licensing segment. Having already commenced work with one of the largest brand licensing companies in the world, IMG CLC, it is clear this is only the beginning.

Thanks to our corporate and government partners, thousands of users around the world use our AI powered image recognition technology everyday. These partnerships have enabled us to advance our technology and offer new developments in numerous industries within brand protection. Last year, TrademarkVision were named among the top 25 major machine learning vendors, alongside Microsoft, IBM, Google and Amazon, in a report published by Markets and Markets. Also winning Best AI Startup and being in the Top 10 AI/Machine Learning companies in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2017.

Our aim is to conquer all things visual for brands and we have only scratched the surface.

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