Our Deep Learning Innovation: Infographic

26 Sep, 2016

We're constantly finding new ways to improve and innovate through our core processes and technology, that's why we're thrilled to announce that we have just released our first deep learning algorithms into TrademarkVision, to deliver on our promise to give greater power to our users and government partners than ever before. 

Deep learning is one of computer science’s most exciting new fields and its applications appear endless. Currently, image trademarks are coded to allow similarity searching, but the complex coding system of each country makes it difficult for trademark attorneys or brand owners to easily search for infringement. It’s been a huge problem within the IP industry for decades and one that we're on a mission to solve.

“We have been committed to deep learning research for some time, and after making impressive breakthroughs we have been able to put some of the research into our technology. Our latest TrademarkVision update employs custom deep learning solutions to crunch through some of the toughest image recognition challenges in the trademark space” - Sandra Mau, CEO

There are many companies working with this exciting technology, from the computer vision system built by Microsoft Research Asia that identifies a species of flower with nothing but a picture, to the speech recognition software, Nuance, which has applied deep learning to improve its recognition and ability to learn accents. 

This is only the beginning, we're committed to never-ending research and improvement, we love innovation and will continue to improve the industry.

Deep Learning Infographic2  




See how the deep learning algorithms work by trying our experimental Vienna code classifier!

Visit our LABS page to give it a whirl.

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