IP Australia Partnership Update

13 Jul, 2016

The Financial Review featured the launch of IP Australia’s internal search system this week, developed by TrademarkVision.

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According to Director General of IP Australia, Patricia Kelly, the new search engine will not only generate efficiency across the office, it will ultimately improve the industry. IP Australia receives over 75,000 trademark applications a year, so the necessity for innovative changes in search engines to increase efficiency and accuracy is essential.

Founder & CEO of TrademarkVision, Sandra Mau, says the risk of trademark infringement is extreme in today’s global, digital marketplace and access to precise tools for detecting infringement is critical.

“Sharing our expertise with IP Australia has not only allowed us to establish systems that will impact millions of users, but also to expand upon and innovate our core technology which will help to improve the industry of IP Rights searching into the future,” says Sandra Mau.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with IP Australia as we continue to drive positive change and transform the industry.

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