INTA Survival Guide 2018

17 Apr, 2018


Not long now until IP professionals flock to Seattle to share their knowledge, learn about industry changes and network, network, network! We’ve created a list of Seattle-related survival tips and tricks to get you through the 5 day trademark fest.




You’ll be Sleepless in Seattle

It's no secret that INTA parties are a highlight of the event and past years have produced some pretty lavish affairs! Social events are often where the best connections are made, so choose your parties wisely! It’s a tough choice when the invitations start rolling in but choosing the right party can either make or break your evening networking efforts.
Visit for a list of INTA receptions.




Ready Eddie? You Vedder have a plan for those business cards..

Collecting business cards at events can often get out of hand. No one wants to carry dozens of cards around only to lose that one contact you were keen to connect with…..we’ve all been there! Technology has done wonders for streamlining our lives and automating painful tasks, so download apps like Camcard or Evernote to keep them conveniently in one place.




You need-le make space for all your swag

Let’s face it, you can never have too many USBs, power packs, tech accessories, the list goes on! We’ve seen some pretty creative giveaways over the years, so it’s worth exploring the exhibition floor.




Smells like “TMV” spirit

There’s always time between workshops to explore new technologies and industry advancements in the exhibition hall. Be ahead of the pack and learn more about the latest innovations. Visit booth #145 to learn how governments and law firms are embracing TrademarkVision's AI-powered image recognition to adapt to the evolving IP protection landscape.





Leaving your mark on the city

Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom...they all have one thing in common. Seattle is not only the birthplace of many iconic rock bands and corporations, it remains home to some of the world’s largest brands. It only seems fitting this year’s INTA is held in such a historic city, so be sure to check out their headquarters while you’re in town.