IP Fridays Podcast Interview with TrademarkVision: Featuring TrademarkVision's COO Cameron Mitchell

26 Jun, 2017

Cameron Mitchell, TrademarkVision's COO sat down with Ken Suzan of IP Fridays podcast to chat about our work with leading government IP offices around the world.


What is the industry problem?

At least 40% of trademarks (logos) have an image component. Image trademarks have always created difficulties for attorneys to search, because describing an image in your own words, or with codes and keywords can be quite subjective, as you can imagine. This means, IP Professionals spend a lot of time and resources searching for visually similar trademarks. 


What is the solution?

Our machine learning powered image recognition technology allows users to upload an image, click search, and be provided with similar trademarks. Our research in this field and the foresight of our government partners is changing the industry overnight.