IP Week 2018: Ideas to Assets

20 Sep, 2018


Earlier this month the TrademarkVision team had the amazing opportunity to join 3,500 others – including start-ups, small and medium enterprises, academic institutions, and government IP offices – coming together for the IP Week conference in Singapore, hosted by IPOS. We heard from leaders at IPOS, the USPTO, the Japanese Patent Office, and organizations like Microsoft, Didi Chuxing, Alibaba, and many more.  It was a packed week, offering inspiring speakers and discussions that truly lived up to the theme of turning “Ideas into Assets: Connecting Markets Through IP”.


The power of this message was clear early on, as Ms Indranee Raja, Second Minister for Finance and Education of Singapore, shared how important innovation and intangible assets are to the global economy.  This is evident, she said, by simply looking at the top 10 companies in the world by stock market value – Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, just to name a few. To strengthen IP-rich industries, it is immensely important to continue to innovate in IP management and commercialization.  Daren Tang, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, expanded on this message by sharing how innovation is a key economic driver for emerging and developed economies in Asia, with Singapore being placed in the Top 5 of the Global innovation Index.



We heard many stories of how innovative governments with thoughtful IP strategies allow businesses to truly flourish with their brands.  Dr. Hooi Den Huan, Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at Nanyang Business School, said it perfectly when he said that “as a company, your brand is the most enduring intangible asset!”. This was reinforced by Chatri Sityodtong, Founder and CEO of ONE Championship, the largest sports media property in Asia. He spoke passionately about the importance of strong IP protection when deciding to base his company in Singapore seven years ago. ONE Championship’s brand is built on the core values of martial arts – humility, integrity, discipline, courage, confidence – and Chatri said protecting this brand from the start was paramount to their success. Singapore’s strong IP policies provided the perfect environment to build a brand now valued at over $1 Billion!


Another highlight was the seminar entitled “Generating Value from Ideas: IP in the Innovation Ecosystem, Key Players and Success Factors”, hosted by the EUIPO cooperation project team ARISE+ IPR. Freddy Harris, Director General of Indonesia’s Intellectual Property Office, spoke of how important strong IP policies are for business development and economic growth, in Asia and beyond.   


This was echoed by Nellie Simon, Head of Cabinet at the EUIPO, as she outlined some of the strategies the EUIPO has used to go from “a registration office to an innovation agency”.  She explained how the transition to becoming an innovation agency was a direct result of planning and executing more outward-focused goals that included enhancing access to IP systems and IP knowledge for the public, and building common tools and policies that have a global impact.


Innovation was put on display when Inge Buffolo, Head of Service of the Digital Transformation Department, shared how the EUIPO was using Artificial Intelligence in their objective to create efficient, user-centric systems for their examiners and the public.  A few examples include:


  • Automatic goods & services comparisons and smart drafting to help examiners quickly compare marks and draft clear, consistent decisions

  • Future “Chatbot and Virtual Assistant” projects to educate start-ups and SME’s on IP and guide them through the application process

  • AI-powered image recognition search for trademarks and designs integrated into their public eSearch platform – we love seeing our tech in action!


The TrademarkVision team is excited to continue working with many of these innovative governments and businesses as we strengthen the IP process by making it more accessible and efficient through AI-powered image recognition!


Congratulations to IPOS for creating a platform to bring together such a diverse group of stakeholders for a week of inspiring collaboration!  Impressively, they were able to bring together IP thought-leaders, academic researchers, governments, and innovative businesses from over 40 countries around the world.  

We were honored to take part in this event and cannot wait for next year!



Jason Milnes 
Sales Director