August Product Updates!

11 Aug, 2016




It's the little things that can make the biggest difference, so we've been working around the clock to add even more data to our reports. We've taken the opportunity to refresh our report layout as well to make sure you not only have what you need, but you look good at the same time.


Status detail

We've always shown you if the mark is active/inactive, but in the status column you'll now see the precise status detail from each jurisdiction.Screen Shot status detail



Several new dates have been added so you can follow the timeline of any trademark you want.Screen Shot dates


Goods and Services

Goods and Services data is now displayed in a new row instead of a column. This will help condense the size of reports and make it look better than ever.Screen Shot Goods and Services


Multiple owners 

If a trademark has multiple owners, don't despair, we'll list off all so they are easy to find and identify.




Search Page


New search fields

You may have noticed a slight change in the search page. We've split our text field into two to avoid confusion between image descriptors and actual trademark text.

Trademark Text: Type the trademark text you are searching, for example, "Just Do It". (Remember too you can use boolean and other operators as you need, click here to view our guide

Image Descriptors: This field is for Keywords (Australia), Design codes (USA) or Vienna codes (EU, IR, NZ, France & Canada). Don't know the precise keyword/code you want to search for? Don't despair - start typing a word and it'll suggest all matches.Screen Shot search fields


Search Options

After running a search remember to use the search options to filter your results. The Goods & Services and Owner fields are now boolean and other operations compatible in-line with word searching so get creative! 


  • Owner: Nike OR Adidas - will return trademarks with an Owner Name including "Nike" or "Adidas"
  • Goods & Services: (Shirt* OR *Shoe*) AND apparel - will return trademarks with a G&S such as "Apparel including sportshoes"

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