October Newsletter 2016

14 Oct, 2016



TrademarkVision releases the world’s first deep learning technology for trademark searching

Deep learning is inspiring some of the greatest innovative projects around the world. A machine learning approach that constantly learns from the patterns in large datasets is now changing the landscape of trademark searching forever.

Test out the technology

We invite you to be a part of TMV Labs; an interactive space where you can be involved in the experimental phase of our project development.
Our newest addition to LABS leverages our new deep learning algorithms to classify images to Vienna codes. Just select an image and let the classifier tell you the likely Vienna code(s).

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How will this impact your work?

Faster, more accurate results with object detection
Your brain judges similarity through shape, contour and texture as well as a recognition of the type of object displayed. With deep learning we replicate the brain to give you visually similar and object matching results in seconds. 

Greater global consistency 
Don't rely on different country's code systems that are subjective at best. With data from around the world to help continually train our deep learning algorithms, you'll have accuracy no matter what jurisdictions you search. 
Greater refinement ability 
Our technology accurately predicts Vienna codes, design codes and even keywords to give you the power to refine at any time. 
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