We integrated our image recognition technology into the EUIPO trademark search engine

13 Dec, 2016

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As featured in TechCrunch, on December 10th we integrated our state-of-the-art image recognition technology into the EU Intellectual Property Office’s official trademark search engine. Which is now live here!

Not only is this a world-first and a huge step forward for the IP industry, this launch also aligns with out latest release of deep learning algorithms, an extremely interesting and exciting advancement of our technology. 

"That’s where TrademarkVision saw opportunity. Its engineers applied similar machine-learning technology to what the likes of Google and Facebook are using, but with a different purpose"

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Something we've talked about from the very beginning is empowering our users by providing an automatic monitor of their trademarks. Letting our technology keep a watchful eye on trademark applications empowers brand owners and offers the advantage of being the first to know of potential infringement.

"It can also warn trademark holders when a suspiciously similar trademark appears, or just one that’s similar enough to warrant a look."

We appreciate all of the support we've received so far, exciting times ahead for TrademarkVision!

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