TrademarkVision meditation tips: From A to Zen

28 Aug, 2018

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It’s a fairly well-known fact meditation bears endless health benefits, so there’s good reason why it’s become common practice in workplaces around the world. Earlier this year, TrademarkVision’s Brisbane team began meditating each day and it’s been a great way to boost energy as the afternoon brain fog hits. We got the lowdown from TrademarkVision’s Project Manager and well-being guru, Kelly, for her thoughts on meditation and the advantages of introducing it to the team. 

Top 5 reasons why TrademarkVision take a moment to meditate:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved cognitive skills
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Improved communication
  • Increased happiness & gratitude 


Here’s how TrademarkVision meditate:

Meditation lead

We’re going to be honest, we get slack when Kelly isn’t here to be that gentle reminder to stop work, close our eyes and take a moment. It’s helpful to have someone facilitate meditation time but it needs to become a habit throughout the whole team too...we’re still working on that.


Set reminders

Setting up a "Slack" reminder means everyone in the office is aware meditation is about to start and prepares the group to be ready when the clock hits 2pm.


Make time

We chose a time in the afternoon when common afternoon fatigue hits and it’s been a helpful tool to replenish our mental energy to finish off the day.


Theme based

Sometimes our meditation sessions are based on a theme, like gratitude. This has been useful for beginners to help focus thoughts easier.


Get comfy

Some choose the beanbags, some choose the floor but most just sink back in the office chair and relax. You do you!



  • You can meditate anywhere, anytime, anyhow. You don't have to sit on a cushion cross-legged in lotus position. Find the best way that works for you and don’t be afraid to change it up and try something new!


  • Meditation isn't about switching off the mind or absence of thoughts, rather it's about being present to those thoughts and letting them come and go and not attaching to any of them.


  • There is no such thing as a good or bad meditation session. Sometimes a meditation experience might feel really good and other times it might feel really challenging, even frustrating! The point is, both experiences are just as important so try not to give it a label and just go with it.


Helpful resources to kick-start or continue your meditation journey...


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  •  10% Happier with Dan Harris


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  • Joy on Demand by Chade Meng Tan
  • Wherever you go, there you are by Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • The science of meditation; how to change your brain, mind and body by Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson
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  • Insight timer
  • Headspace
  • 10% Happier