TrademarkVision's ultimate podcast list

29 Nov, 2018

It’s no surprise podcasts have increased in popularity over the past decade given they’re great for entertainment and education when you’re multitasking at home or commuting to and from work. With 525,000 active shows and 18.5 million episodes available on iTunes, you’re bound to find other weirdos like yourself to enjoy the plethora of topics to sink your teeth into.  

We’ve jumped on the bandwagon and gathered the team together to create a collection of our favourite podcasts. From business to history through to design, these are our top picks!


Here are two of my favourite streamers. Two channels with inherently different content: the first gives development tips and the second one is all about gaming, but both channels describe the human aspect of development or gaming and how to balance yourself to be more motivated, positive and productive.

Fun Fun Function


Given Dre is one of the most talented developers going around, yet wears boardshorts whenever he can, there must be some great tips on balance to learn in there!




“This is probably my favourite podcast. Debbie is amazing at listening and letting her guests share their life experiences... All the episodes are 💯

Design Matters 

“One of my favourite episodes is the interview with Mike Rigby, as he talks about going from nothing to re-branding some of Australia's largest firms as part of R/GA”

 Design Matters - Mike Rigby

We now know where you get your superhero powers at listening to all our feedback Andy and how you redefine our products everyday :)




“This one has to get a mention! A podcast I’ve been following for years has now grown into one of the biggest! If you like to laugh at ridiculous comedians, learn about health, have scientists, philosophers and inspiring people blow your mind, then this podcast is for you! (You just have to put up with a bit of US politics and MMA talk).”

Joe Rogan Experience

Are you suggesting you made Joe Rogan popular Ash? Well, you are a trendsetter!




“If you are a fan of Ancient battles and how they influenced the world, then you will love History Time. It covers many historic events from human history.”

History Time

“High profile Formula One podcast which provides insightful interviews with many drivers, presenters and team principles.”

Beyond the Grid

Do any of history’s battles influence the world of design and front-end development Kane? F1 certainly influences your car choice… vrooom….




“For interesting stories based on everyday numbers and economics”

Freakonomic Radio and NPR’s Planet Money


"For the long rides the best podcast to listen to has to be “interesting stories about life”

This American Life and Radiolab

“This one summarises articles from the international journal of nature.”

Nature podcast 

Sandra, you have to start your podcast. We’re loving the mix between economics, interesting stories and nature.




“Animate Clay is all about stop motion 😍. They chat to animators about what it’s like behind the scenes in animation studios. They share interesting facts about particular movies and how they solved issues along the way.”

Animate Clay

“One of my favourite episodes on Animate Clay - Directors, Anthony Stacchi and Graham Annable, explain the making of Boxtrolls where it took them a week to complete just 1-2 minutes of footage for the film 😱

Animate Clay episode #37 

“This episode of Fresh Air speaks to Co-Directors, Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman, about the making of one of my favourite stop motion animations, Anomalisa.“

Fresh Air - Anomalisa

 Ash, you’re one of the most creative of them all. We have to make a stop motion TMV piece!



A few more favourites featuring TrademarkVision:

AI-powered technologies that impact our daily lives. John Wright discusses legal, ethical and public policy issues related to new and emerging technologies powered by artificial intelligence.


Going Deep with Aaron Watson

For discussions around entrepreneurship, tech, finance, writing, and healthcare.


IP Fridays

For all things IP


Executive Stories 

Interviewing real people and having real conversations